December 12, 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here again. And we have some fun holiday plans in store. Not too many. Just enough to add a festive feel to our cozy days. : ) Friday Steve and Rhett will be at camp for one more try at Rhett's buck. Successful or not, those two sure have had a fun hunting season this year.

Saturday is a quiet day here. The girls and I will spend the day getting Madison ready for The Snowball Dance. : ) She is going with a friend from school and is very excited. They are going to Mass and then to a friend's house for dinner before heading to the dance. The rest of us will be attending Mass as well, and then going out to dinner. After that, it's home to wait for Madison and the stories and pictures from the dance.

Sunday is a free day. I am planning on sleeping in and then having brunch. I am thinking pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, and fresh fruit. After that, Steve is planning on taking a few of the kids to do some Christmas shopping. We exchanged names among the six of us, and are going to exchange gifts Christmas Eve morning. Since Flynn and I are all done with our shopping, we will stay here and snuggle on the sofa with a Christmas video or two. : )

And that is what we have planned this December weekend. I hope yours is happy and cozy and festive, whatever your plans may be!

Love sleepy little Four year olds in Christmas jammies. : )

Chilly December evenings mean a favorite meal...Grilled cheese and tomato soup...

My preschool student in a favorite Zulily find...

and then all ready for Mass last Saturday.

My oldest had her first college visit this week!!!! Hard to believe, but it's true...She went to an open house at a beauty school, and loved it! She has another year at home with me, but she is fairly certain this is what she wants to do. And she will be great!

My sweet hubby took her, and then they did some shopping. He brought me home some early Christmas presents. : ) Now I can use them for our cookie baking!

That's not all he brought back...since we live in the boonies, we don't get Dunkin Donuts often.
So of course I HAD to have one, right? I mean I couldn't hurt his feelings. ; )

A little Santa craft my little student made this week. I love preschool. : )

A few weeks ago we girls had a Christmas game night while the guys were at, fun, fun!

Zip was hanging out with the big bucks this week...

The December cupcake delivery did not disappoint...

Madison's friend and her mom who is my friend both found this at a craft show. Nicole wanted to get it for Madison, and Mary wanted to get it for they did! : )

Dinner in the crockpot on a cold December morning makes me happy...thanks Patty for this yummy chicken recipe. All her recipes are delicious!!!!

And one other thing that makes me happy on cold December days...

Have a blessed weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. Zip sure looks like he enjoys that! Flynn sure is growing up..she is just adorable. Good luck to your oldest..can't wait to hear all about what she decides. Can't wait to hear about the Snowball dance. Just love your pictures..oh..and Dunkin is only about a mile up the road..and we get them once a month. Have a Blessed day..stay warm!!(only 1* this morning with snow)-- Big Snow is a coming dear friend!

  2. Flynn sure is a fashionista. I love to see her all dressed up or what pretty hair bows she has on. Enjoy your weekend, my dear friend who has left footprints in MY heart.

  3. Your posts just always leave me feeling so cozy and happy.

  4. Hi Billie Jo! Happy frozen Thursday to you! It's a balmy 2 degrees this morning, so that crockpot looks perfect. I saw Patty's recipe, I hope it fills and warms your whole family.
    Dances are so exciting for the kids, and I hope Madison has a great time, great way to start the evening...with Mass. Flynn's hair clip is the cutest!
    What a great thing for Madison to have a good idea of what she wants to pursue post-college. That was a process with my two. Must make you feel pretty good.
    Good luck to the hunters :)
    Happy Thursday my friend,

  5. You have the cutest little dresses for Flynn! (and jammies) I love Zulilly too! (I might have found too many things though this year)

    Beauty school--how fun! She will be wonderful!

    We draw names too!! We draw names on Thanksgiving and we call them "Advent Angels" and the kids are constantly trying to figure out who has them. it's funny. I know everyone, because they each tell me. (Of course, I'm in charge of the littles)

    Happy weekend friend!!

  6. I so enjoy seeing your pictures of the family, etc. I have many deer heads in my house too...livingroom, bedrooms, hall and on and on. Plus a bobcat on the mantel. So I feel right at home seeing your home! Hope the dance is a winner, and cant wait to see those pictures. Stay warm!

  7. Sounds like another cozy & wonderful winter weekend for you and yours! Your family is blessed by you, Billie Jo!

  8. Best wishes on the deer hunt! I know how thrilling it is for the guys. Let them know that Sally, Ester, Mabel, AND myself are signed up to take a hunter's safety course at the end of this month at Cabela's!!! Totally out of my comfort zone, but I thought it would be fun to do with the girls - they really wanted to do this especially since they like to go with their daddy. :) Thank you for the linkey love, too. Glad you loved it. It smells divine while it cooks all day, doesn't it? The pictures are fun! The snowy spatula set…adorable and so thoughtful. Who wouldn't want to bake and cook with those? The dance sounds exciting! Enjoy your weekend! Happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!!

  9. That's cupcakes look so yummy! Have a great weekend!

  10. See..if we were neighbors we could get together...cause my hubby also left to try for some venison. Hope he doesnt freeze to death!! Actually the weather here in MN is up to 10 degrees above zero and it feels amazing!

    We also love tomato soup..Something I can cook..HA!

    Crazy isnt it. That college thing. These first born babes of ours are growing up and spreading their wings!

    happy card writing!

    ps...thanks for the link to the chicken recipe. Going to try that one for sure!

  11. Your weekend sounds perfectly cozy to me! Love the Zulily outfit, they always have such cute things for kids. Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi Billie Jo! Okay.. lot to say here. Let's just start with the preschool Santa craft! Keep it forever! Hang it every year! Is that not the cutest thing ever!? Annnd you sweet husband bringing home those adorable cooking things. Love that sweetness! Congrats on Madison on her first college visit and for knowing what she wants to do. I'm happy for her! Enjoy your dinner out on Saturday and helping Madison get ready for the dance! Hope to see pictures next week! xoxo tara

  13. I love the sign your friend gave you.... It is so true. And Flynn's craft oh I just love it

  14. Sorry for the scone comment but my computer was acting funny,
    Did you make the tomato soup? It is one of my favorite soups but sadly I am the only one in the family who likes it.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  15. Hi - glad you have had a good week. Would love to add you to my Christmas card list if that is OK with you. I am adding some of my special blogging friends. Email me your address to cdjdhj1979 at gmail dot com if you would want to exchange cards. Have a great weekend. You have some fun things planned.

  16. Flynn is adorable, I love her little outfits! Everytime I see photos of your home I just want to come over and enjoy visiting there, you are so warm and friendly and your home evokes that!
    Good luck on the Beauty School hunt, I always wanted to do that!

  17. Your daughters are beautiful!! I can't believe you have a preschooler and one checking out colleges. So great :).

  18. Oh what great pics! All made me so happy! We were in Michigan last weekend so I was happy to pop over here to see what y'all were enjoying!
    Hope you're having fun the last week of Advent!


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