December 7, 2013

This Makes Me Happy...Memories And Traditions

So many things about the Christmas season make me happy. Among them is recalling the memories of when I was a child and recreating those special moments as traditions for my own children. Long before the Elf on the Shelf appeared (which we also enjoy) we had our brownie. And our brownie boot. The brownie visited my own childhood home during the Christmas season, and my mother's before that. The brownie is a special helper of Santa. He stands near his Santa boot during the day, then at night he hides. In the morning, the little ones search high and low to find him. He doesn't visit every night, perhaps every three or four nights and when he does, he brings a little treat. Sometimes he brings chocolate or lip gloss or holiday socks...just something to add to the magic of Christmas.

I have such wonderful memories of being a child and seeing my mom place the brownie boot near our fireplace. I knew that meant Christmastime had come. My own mother still recalls sitting in her own living room with her brother and seeing chocolate bars magically fall from the chimney. : )

I was blessed that my mother passed our special brownie and brownie boot on to me, and I enjoy reliving these special, magical moments and experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes. The magical days of childhood are so fleeting. I am thankful to be able to add to the magic and make memories for my children. It may seem silly, but memories and traditions make me happy.

Our brownie...he has seen years of love. : )


  1. My mom always had the cutest elves that she kept on our mantle shelf, but they didn't bring treats like your adorable brownie! I love learning about others Christmas & Advent traditions!

  2. Not silly at all. I have a little Santa that magically moves from place to place..lolol. Although, I do believe the boy has caught on. (wink)--no biggie..he still enjoys it. Have a Blessed weekend, stay warm.

  3. My childhood memories are wonderful too, and I passed the love of the birth of the Christ child, and all the fun things, to my children and they have passed them on to theirs.

  4. Love this, Billie Jo! Those childhood memories & traditions are the best, aren't they?

  5. There truly is something so magical at this time of the year, isn't there? :)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful mother. I love traditions also. Makes families so special. Stay warm my bloggy friend...we are freezing here in MN.

  7. Memories and traditions make me happy too, Billie Jo! The brownie boot sounds like a fun tradition! Oh my, I imagine you are very sentimental over the little brownie and boot!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award today. The link is

    I always enjoy "visiting" with you! Take care!

  8. so sweet, I love the memories Christmas always brings. It was always a magical time for me while growing up and it's so fun to think of all the magical moments we get to create with our own kids now! wonder what they are going to remember the most when they are older?

  9. I am like you, dear friend, and find that memories and traditions make me happy :) Every year when I get the Christmas ornaments out I am flooded with precious memories - it is such a sweet feeling :) Hugs to you!

  10. Brownie is adorable!! And he brings treats???? What a great tradition!

  11. Hi Billie Jo! I tried to post before, so if this is a double, please dele one!
    I love family traditions, especially at holiday time. They really create a one-ness that is so beautiful. Your Brownie does look well loved :)
    I want candy to fall down my chimney...guess I'd better get a fireplace!
    Blessings to you and your family this Sunday evening,

  12. Yes, Christmas is such a magical time of year. I love opening my Christmas boxes and pulling out stuff that my parents or grandparents have passed down to me. I am all about traditions because them may seem silly now but they are memories being made.

    I love Brownie and I love that you have him and are able to carry on that tradition with your kids.

  13. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! (somehow I missed this post!)

    I love the idea of treats throughout Advent, how fun. Love the boot and love Brownie better than the elf guy on the shelf! (haha)

  14. This is so sweet.
    I'm like you too, in the sense that I love to carry on traditions and I'm looking forward to really experiencing Christmas through the girls' eyes.
    It was always so magical for me so I hope to make it that way for them - how you're doing for your lovely family!


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