December 3, 2013

Notes From The Schoolroom...November 2013

November was a quick month, wasn't it? We worked along and actually completed the first grading period! Where does the time go?

Madison is working well. Her Consumer Math class is very interesting and quite useful. She is learning about paychecks and deductions and taxes and is finding it very interesting. I am so glad she is taking a course that applies directly to her real life. She is also working well in her Literature class. I love literature myself, and am enjoying revisiting the beautiful pieces I haven't read since college. Her least favorite is Earth and Space Science. Let's just say she tolerates it. : )

Peyton is loving her science class. She is learning so many things that she actually has an interest in. It is so wonderful to watch her read something and then jump up and excitedly share it with us. On the other hand, Spanish is not exactly her favorite. But we carry on. : )

Rhett is becoming my rock star! He and I have the most fun doing his math lessons, of all things! We work through them together, and after we submit them, he always gives me a high five! So cute! He is excelling at Spanish, and really enjoys it. Least favorite for him would have to be Language arts, mainly because he prefers to read books of his own choosing.

Flynn continues to enjoy our mornings together. She is still working on letter recognition, math concepts, and small motor skills. We completed a few fun art projects this past month including handprint turkeys and a turkey headband. She discovered a new love...glitter glue. Yay. ; ) We also began learning about the saints, beginning on All Saints Day, and studying a new one each Friday. She loves it, and so do I.

Things I'm loving...
  1. Sitting in my glider watching my kids work
  2. Watching Rhett gain confidence in Math
  3. Watching Flynn discover letters in places other than the schoolroom : )
  4. Sharing a cup of tea with Madison everyday
And not so much...
  1. Keeping a little lady from distracting my three older students with cute songs and dances
  2. Geometry. Enough said.
Here are a few pictures of our schoolroom adventures last month!
Thanksgiving decorations replaced the Halloween ones...

and turkeys made from handprints replaced the jack-o-lanterns.

Sometimes we did our schoolwork in warm cozy jammies. : )

Flynn and I read about special people who loved Jesus very much...

and then colored pictures and added them to our Wall of Saints.

We made a turkey headband for Thanksgiving Day...

and couldn't wait to try it on! : )
Favorite snacks last month were cheese and crackers...
and chocolate chip muffins. : )
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  1. I think Madison has a future as an accountant! Her tastes and mine are very similar :)

  2. I have missed so much and so glad to be back and playing catch up. I applaude and commend you for home schooling your children. Not an easy thing to do, but sounds like you have it just right with all of your bunch. Now on to the birth of our Savior, right?

  3. Sounds like everyone is doing so well! My high school didn't offer a class like the one Madison is taking, that sounds really helpful. We were only offered a sewing and cooking class. The teacher would just tell us to buy fabric and would tell us to follow the pattern....what? I didn't know how to follow a pattern and I still don't, she never would explain it to us.

  4. You mean you get dressed for class?! ha ha! We do, but we do love to school in our pi's ;) There is something extra special about schooling in Christmas pi's, too! Little ones being the distraction…this is every homeschool mama's dilemma if she happens to have a little one at home. But they make for such cute distractions! Glad the first quarter went well and is now under your belt. Before you know it, the year will be over and you will look back with great pride on such a huge accomplishment! Great job, everyone!

  5. She may be in her jammies, but she still has her sweet bow in! Looks like it was a month well spent. And I'm loving your latest seasonal blog background!

  6. Sounds like you guys had a great month of homeschooling!

  7. I'm always so impressed by homeschooling mothers! Your crafts are adorable. I clicked over from Haunani's blog :)

  8. Geometry... I have a funny story! Last night Scott was helping Abigail read a book, I was cleaning up dinner and Anna was doing some math homework. She went up to daddy and started to ask for help. I told her not to interrupt and that daddy was helping Abigail and that I could help her. "No mommy, it's math, I'd rather wait til daddy is done." Enough said! :)

    Love your little one in her jammies learning about the Saints. Wish I did that with my girls but it's not too late right? Can you recommend a book?

  9. I love that Flynn is in her cute jammies but has a BOW--adorable! My kiddos have very messy hair when in jammies...

    I love how organized you are even in your blog regular, I love it! I'm so all over the my brain!

    Happy day friend!

  10. You are all doing such a great job. I'm so glad to hear how well it's going. Flynn sure is a cute distraction!

  11. My son is also taking a consumer math type class - call Financial Applications at his school. I think it is so important for kids to be educated on finances. I love your fun school room and that you are teaching your kids to follow Jesus! You are obviously doing a great job!

  12. I just love your Flynn! She makes me smile. I can remember when Liam was that young/little..THANKS FOR SHARING..Blessings

  13. What a busy Mom you are, but I know you love it. I sure could use one of your muffins right now. Hugs and blessings.

  14. oh heaven billie jo!!:)
    love it and sometimes I wish I was right there with ya!
    so organized like I knew you would be!:)
    have a happy day

  15. Hi Billie Jo! I sure hope St. Cecilia makes your wall...
    Can you believe that a whole month has passed? And you are all doing so well! What a lovely wall of saints, and the handprints too.
    Geometry? Saints preserve us, I was so bored in that class. All we did was outline theorems, as I recall. Snooze button please!
    Let's have a cup of tea and some cheese and crackers!

  16. The jammies and the bow are just too precious! I want to come to your house to do school too, your days look bright and cheerful and your school room is decorated so well by the hands of your own children. A picture of exactly what I want in my own homeschool!

  17. Your school snacks always look wonderful!

    Math yuck! Isabella and Ray love math.

  18. Great wrap up of last month! Hope you are enjoying December (I've loved your recent posts)!


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