November 2, 2013

Notes From The Schoolroom...October 2013

We have gotten into a pretty good rhythm this month. It helps that October is our very favorite month of the year. We have learned and shared and laughed together with minimal stress. Yay! : ) 

Madison continues to work independently. She is doing well with all her subjects, with American Literature being her favorite. She read and studied Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" this month. She was given an assignment to write three page prequel, and when she was done, it ended up being almost six pages. It was incredible!

Peyton continues to work hard. She is usually done with her weekly work on Thursday. She either works ahead, or helps me with Flynn's work. Peyton's favorite subject so far is American Nation. She is studying about the Puritans and is finding it fascinating. She also composed a short piece of music for her music class, and the teacher liked it so much she asked if she could share it during the virtual class chat. This was funny because Peyton really has the least interest in music of all my kids! : )

Rhett is working well. He is the slowest most easily distracted of the three, and is often the last one done for the day. I work with him and encourage him and reassure him that if he is actually learning, it doesn't matter how long it takes us. I am also blessed that my Peyton is able and willing to look after Flynn while Rhett and I finish his assignments. Rhett is making a lot of progress in math so far. We are working on division of decimals and I must say...I have forgotten a lot and am learning along with him! : )

Flynn continues to be eager and precious. We continued our letter recognition this month, along with some basic math skills and are beginning shapes. She is doing well, and is slowly making progress in her small motor skill area. We are also VERY fond of the color pink, and seem to color everything that shade. She also completed a lesson on leaves, which is perfect this time of year! : )

Things I'm loving...
  1. Knowing exactly what my children are studying
  2. Getting to know my children in a school environment
  3. Preparing and sharing daily snacks like fresh fruit and crackers
  4. Having all four children participate in story time  : )
And a few not so much...
  1. Remembering why I disliked higher level math so much
  2. Feeling inadequate when more than one of my children needs me at the same time

Here's what we have been up to this month in our classroom!
We decorated Flynn's Preschool corner with leaves and Halloween fun.
 My Preschool student...
 learning to cut. : )
We painted fall leaves...
with the help of big sisters...
and brother.
They turned out great!
Rhett had a super easy science project involving only water and paper towels. It was demonstrating how plants can conserve water. My kind of project!

We were fascinated with the disappearing purple glue while making...

a Pinterest inspired Halloween craft.

We painted pumpkins...and turned them into jack-o-lanterns using the shapes we were learning...

and added them to our festive wall. : )

 Favorite snacks this month...Halloween s'mores...

and apple slices with caramel, peanut butter, and mini chocolate chips.

And there is October in our little schoolroom. Thanks for sharing our journey with us! : )


  1. Loved your re-cap of the month! I love the things you are loving and understand and get the things you don't love.

    My 2 oldest work ahead to take Fridays off too! Makes our weeks fun, kind of a bonus day! (for me too)

    I love the "I love my Mummy" shirt, so cute! I also need to work on cutting for Bridget!! We paint and do other stuff...but cutting....she usually just cuts little tiny pieces that end up on the floor.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's so fun to ready your monthly re-caps! I"m enjoying following along. I totally hear ya on the higher level math…I'm expected to be be able to help those kiddos struggling with math concepts and skill work from Kindergarten thru 8th Grade in the Resource Room. Eeeee! LOL

  3. Great projects. Looks like you really make learning fun! Enjoy the week ahead.

  4. I don't even try to help Anna with the math anymore... she knows to wait for daddy to come home if she has questions. Hate that math... anything beyond second grade...

    Love your notes from the schoolroom. Keep it up mom.. you're doing great!

  5. You make learning look so fun. How sweet that Peyton helps to take care of Flynn while you're busy with the others. I'm sure that is so challenging to give undivided attention, but it sounds like you've got it down.

  6. Love your recap. Don't fret to much over your son..Liam, unfort..was and at times the same way. I think it is a "boy" thing, really I do. Since I have never had girls..that's all the advice I can offer up, not that you asked or anything, lol. Flynn is just the cutest! Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  7. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love all the fun projects. You guys are sure busy! all your food. Still wish you lived closer..yummy!

  8. Hi Billie Jo! I think you are doing amazing work with your kids. I can't imagine how you keep up with each of them at their own levels. And what patience you have too. I know that boys tend to learn at a slower pace than girls do.

    I am the worst at math too. Just lost. It took me three times to pass my metrology exam in college. I had to pass it to go on in studies, but it took forever.

    I'm with Christine with the snacks. Yum!
    You are doing wonderful work my friend. I admire you.

  9. How fun and exciting is school for these kiddos!? So cute.
    I love all the pics in this one - they all seem to be thriving under your guidance.
    Keep having fun and I hope November is a success too!

  10. Fun, fun. Keep up the great work and keep on sharing! It is so fun to peek in on your schoolroom and learning. Wish we lived closer and could join you in person.

  11. So great, Billie Jo. I'm so proud of you and love reading about your progress. I love how you recognize the individuality of each of your children. Also, with Flynn. Some things to help with fine motor skills (there are a ton of ideas, but these are a few we did in our classroom to strengthen those muscles). Use scissors to "cut" through playdoh. Helps with the muscle development and cutting skills (paper becomes much easier afterwards). Thicker paper is actually a lot easier than thinner. Lots and lots of coloring (which you're doing) and when "writing" if she has any trouble with the "tripod grasp", try picking up those little "practice golf balls" with the holes in them and slide a regular pencil through the holes till it's just past the tip. Then have her hold the ball in her palm and the tip with her fingers. Helps them to grip it properly. Just a couple of suggestions. She (and you) look like you're doing fantastic! Oh! And we often went on "letter hunts" (can do the same with numbers/shapes/colors, etc) and taped the letter we were reviewing all over the school (or home). They had to search for the letter and when they found it, name it. You can add to the letters you've already learned, so when she finds those she's already familiar with, it will build confidence. She can go through the house with a little bag collecting them and naming them. Can also go through the house with a little clipboard with the letters she's learning written on it. When she finds them she can circle the appropriate letter on her little clipboard. All helps with recognition and on those "wiggly" days, hunts are great. xo

  12. Can I come for snack time? When I read through this post, I laughed because the things you are so good at are not my calling, and then when you complained about upper level math, I was like "Oh finally, something I could do!" God makes all kinds :)

  13. What a wonderful classroom you provide for your children (who are adorable, by the way!). You sure make learning fun for all age groups.

  14. wow. love having a glimpse into your classroom :).


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