November 9, 2013

A Touch Of Thanksgiving...2013

Halloween is packed away for another year, and now we embrace the quiet and warmth that is Thanksgiving. After we put the Halloween tubs away, we dusted and swept and brought out the small Thanksgiving tub and added a few touches to our autumn home.

The Thanksgiving mantle...

and a cute little couple here on the computer table...

a sweet new sign sent by a very dear friend...

and the cutest little wooden playset that Flynn plays with for hours. : )

The schoolroom got some Thanksgiving love is Flynn's preschool corner...

 the dry erase board and chalkboard did too.

And as the darkness comes earlier and earlier...we are loving our Be Thankful candle every evening in our country home. And I am loving my new candle holder...another gift from my very dear friend. : )

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


  1. I love how you show us all the little details! I have been looking for some cute little thanksgiving decorations. You have inspired me to look further :).

  2. Love! Your new gifts go perfectly in your home! Your friend knows you well!!! Happy Weekend.

  3. So many cute decorations - makes a home cozy too. I always loved when my Mom decorated, it just brought an air of joy into our every day!

  4. So very cute! Thank you for sharing. Yep, darkness is early here on the east coast. Back in 'Bama, it was like 6 pm in the fall/winter. Now, it is barely 4:30. Hard to get use too. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Love those little Thanksgiving figures. So cute!!

  6. I love that play set! I know my younger ones would love that, too!

  7. Wheres the food...HA! Thank you for inviting us into your cozy home. I almost cannot wait for Christmas to see all that you do! I am in a bloggy slump..maybe I will do a Thanksgiving..thankful post. Have a WARM weekend bloggy friend. It sure is freezing here in MN~!

  8. Your home and seasonal decor is always lovely. I love you school room. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Lovely. That peg set IS adorable... and your handwriting is amazing.

  10. Please let me know where you picked up that wooden play set of the Thanksgiving scene! It is adorable and I think Miss C would enjoy wrapping her baby fingers around them as well! We have the Little People Thanksgiving set, but, she doesn't show as much enthusiasm about them this year as she did last year. Your home looks warm and inviting as usual :)

  11. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful always looks so cozy.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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