August 18, 2013

My Current Favorites

One of the things I love about blogging (besides meeting awesome people from all over and getting tons of yummy recipes) is learning about things I never heard of, or never thought to try. Each of us has certain things we turn to each day to make us feel happier or smell better or work quicker. Here are just a few of my current favorites...

This awesome smelling stuff is a new addition to my shower these days. The Easter Bunny brought some to Madsion and I fell in love with it. And guess what? It is also available at Bath and Body Works! The spray is actually a pillow spray. : )

BB Cream! Who knew? If you are like me, and haven't changed your beauty routine since 1986, you may not know what this stuff is. And if you are fortunate enough to have a teenage daughter who is an aspiring cosmetologist, she will tell you. This is a cream that does just about everything from smoothing and concealing to providing SPF and a touch of color. And did you know about cream blush that you apply with your finger? Where have I been?!

I posted about this wonderful item before. I put one packet of this in my is a top loader...on the first of each month and my washer smells and looks awesome!

This is my breakfast. Every. Single. Morning. It is Cinnamon Life with blueberries and raspberries. Sometimes I change up the cereal, but always a bowl with fresh fruit. : )

I love this hand soap! My family...not so much. They say it smells weird. Hence it has been banished to the laundry room.

Now this is one scent we all agree smells just like summer!

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with any of these products...I just really like 'em! : )


  1. I use the Mrs. Meyers surface cleaner in the Basil scent. I think it smells nice and clean.

    The picture on your candle makes me want some fruity ice cream!

    And thank you for recommending that BB cream. I've never heard of it before. As for blush, I've never used it because I'm afraid of buying a color that's too dark. I like wearing make-up that looks so natural that is looks like I'm not really wearing any, and that's when I remember to wear some. Any tips on a good color?

  2. I love how your posts make me feel like I get a little window into your sweet home!

    I have to try that Tide washing machine cleaner. Ours isn't too bad, but with the cloth diapering, I think that may change.

    That looks very much like MY morning cereal. We always have Life in the house and I always have it with blueberries. Unless I do eggs.... we're big egg people round here.

  3. Ah! I need to try the Stress Relief Lotion above! I love those scents ...and I need some stress relief ;)

  4. funny I just smelled one of those stress relief candles at my friends it! I usually get the lavender pillow spray.:)

    I'm gonna look for that yankee scent next time we're at the mall.

    your breakfast looks a lot like mine...but I usually have a piece of wheat toast with pb too!:) when i'm not at Panera that is!:)

    have a happy day billie jo

  5. PS
    forgot to say...LOVE Mrs Meyers lavender everything here!!!

  6. Fun to see your faves...never heard of any of them!

    It is fun to see what people like and use, it gives us great ideas!

    That stress relief lotion looks wonderful! And pillow spray? Fun.

  7. I just laugh at how much we have in common!! I love or use most of your favorites!! Isabella told me all about the bouncy blush and now I love it! And Mrs. Meyers I love the smell sometimes I just wash my hands to smell it...crazy I know. :)

  8. OK...I'm officially adding a stop at Bath and Body Works onto my To Do list this week. I need to spray that stuff on my pillow! :)

  9. Another post I missed! I JUST bought Mrs. Meyer's house cleaning book and plan to do a post about it!!! I haven't ever tried any of her products, but they appeal to me and her book looked fascinating. I'm obsessed with cleaning products! LOL


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