July 25, 2013

Weekend Plans

There is a pretty good chance that if you are a regular reader of these weekend posts, you may be beginning to think, "Man...does this girl ever do anything?!"  And that is a fair question...because this summer has been a quiet one indeed. Amen to that! Steve and I both come from large extended families...Steve is one of seven and I am one of five...so some summers are often filled with weddings, graduation parties, showers, and various get-togethers. This, thankfully, is not one of them.

So, as I describe our plans for yet another low key weekend, I thank you for staying with me. And awake. Friday night, Rhett is working at the movie theatre, and I think Peyton, Steve and I are going to go see the late showing of World War Z. Madison has no interest, as it is not a sappy romantic love story, so she is going to stay home and watch my little Flynn. I will have to do some strategic planning on Friday, as to keep Flynn from napping, so she will fall asleep earlier. She does not take a regular nap daily, but every few days or so, it catches up with her and she snuggles on the sofa in the afternoon. And because I wouldn't want her to be alone, I snuggle right with her. The things we mothers do, right? If she does nap, that means her bedtime is pushed back...way back. So I hope to keep her awake so as to have her bathed, jammied, and asleep before we leave, just to make it a little easier on Madison.

Saturday is free during the day. Steve is hoping to mow, if the rain ever stops and the grass dries out. We plan on attending late afternoon Mass and then getting some Chinese food for a special treat. Madison works Saturday evening, and the rest of us plan a quiet evening at home. My favorite. : )

Sunday is another quiet summer day here. Madison works the early shift, so after that I think we will cook some hamburgers on the grill, cut up some fruit and call it a day. We like to sit on the porch Sunday evenings...it is a thing we do to end a weekend and look forward to a new week. And that's it. That is what we have planned for this final?! weekend in July. I hope yours is sunny and cozy and pleasant, whatever your plans may be!

Walked out on the porch to find this little guy one day!

You are never too old to swing, right?

Snapped some pictures of my girls last weekend before we left to visit my Dad...

"Mommy, how about if I pretend I am sleeping?"

My oldest and my youngest... : )

Peyton with her shadow...

Me and my baby...

My girls = Love

Saturday morning muffins...

Sunday evening sunset.

Happy Summer Weekend, friends!


  1. Sounds perfect to me. I love those pictures of your girls! And Flynn is so pretty in pink! I sure know what you mean about keeping them awake for an early, easy bedtime. I've done that so much... we all have! Hope it works out for you... keep her busy... Happy weekend!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Hooray for relaxing summer days. (Is it really the end of July???) Have a great weekend! <3

  3. You and I are in the same boat with the napping situation. My "baby" woke up at 630am this morning. Thinking she will NEED a nap today.

    Your weekends sound perfect! That WWZ movie scares me. I don't know if I could handle the zombies. I am a scardy-cat!

    You are also lucky to come from big families!

    happy weekend bloggy friend

  4. Sounds good to me. I love free weekends. We have had more this summer than we have had in the past and I am really enjoying it. I love taking a little nap every once in a while as well. Ray has been gone this week and I am just tired so yesterday the kids and I piled into my bed and all took a little nap.
    Such beautiful pictures of you and the girls! I really think you should frame a few of them.
    Have a great weekend friend!

  5. I love your low-key weekends...but the way they are flying by...it is stressing me out! I swear every time I check in with you, it's "weekend plans"!!! Where have I been for a week? Oh...this time it was digging out my classroom. I"m missing you terribly. Hoping to put in the hours now so that I am more relaxed during the school year! Hugs.

  6. I love hearing about your weekends. I think it seems like you do a lot. I enjoy how you plan out each part of it, especially your meals. I feel like a slacker for meals when it's the weekend and I don't plan ahead. Then I'm always scouring for something to have! Love the pictures of your sweet family. Glad to see you're getting in them too. Happy Weekend, Billie Jo.

  7. I like your weekends! You are not doing nothing, you are LIVING!!

    Your muffins always look so perfect!

    I wanted to see the new Brad Pitt movie til I found out it was zombies!!!

    Oh, that napping thing!! Bridget falls asleep if the kiddos watch something in the afternoon. She will also fall asleep if we go someplace, in the van and be very very crabby when we get home! We are trying to get her to go to bed earlier also, but with the big kiddos, it just never seems to happen.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful girls! Just the opposite - I feel like you always have great weekends planned! Low-key is the best! :) Hope you enjoy it!

  9. Hi - new follower - found your blog from Jamie Jo's blog which I also enjoy following. You have a lovely family and a very interesting blog and I am looking forward to more of your posts! God bless!

  10. I am glad you had a low- key weekend! Those are so important! Both of my kids were swinging on the church playground yesterday! Love that they are not too cool to just go have fun!


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