July 4, 2013

Weekend Plans

So July is here. I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with July. Don't you? On the one hand, it is filled with lazy summer days...days filled with sun and outside and late nights and ice cream. On the other hand, the deeper we get into July, the closer that turn of the calendar is...and then comes August, and all that back to school entails. But I won't think about that now. For now I will force my OCD mind to concentrate on the here and now, on the beautiful, slow days of summer.

Friday is a free night around here. Hopefully the rain clouds that have set up camp over us will relocate and we will be able to spend a summer evening outside. I am planning a simple meal of baked cod with rice and a vegetable for a light dinner...then perhaps a trip to Dairy Queen to start the weekend off right!

Saturday brings a slight change in our normal routine. Steve is taking the kids and a few friends to Pittsburgh to see...Taylor Swift in concert! They are beyond excited and I am again grateful for my awesome hubby who volunteers to take a van load of kids to see a concert. How did I get so lucky? ;  ) Flynn and I are planning on taking my mom down for a visit with my dad. Depending on how he feels, I am hoping to get him out for a quick dinner. I sure hope he is up to it.

Sunday we will be attending morning Mass since we will miss it on Saturday evening. I am anxious to see how well we do getting all six of us ready for a morning Mass when usually it takes a certain teenage daughter all afternoon to go Saturday evening! Sunday afternoon I am planning on taking apart our dining room and packing up all my china for storage in the basement. The desks we ordered are being delivered (and assembled, thank Heavens!) on Thursday, so I want to be sure we are all ready. We are planning on putting everything down in the basement, but since we had a "minor" water incident a few weeks ago during a monsoon that dumped nearly four inches of water in less than an hour directly above our house, we have had to do some necessary cleanup. I am hoping the carpets will be cleaned and dried in time to put everything down there. If not, I will formulate plan B. It is amazing how much more relaxed I am about certain things now that I am older. I guess age brings a sense of perspective to things!

After all that, I have penciled in a pizza night to end our busy weekend. Well, that is what is on tap here. I hope your weekend is sunny and dry, whatever your plans may be!

We had a few days of beautiful hot weather a week or so ago...and that found us outside early in the morning doing this...

and later in the day...enjoying this!

A big shout out to my bloggy friend Patty for sharing the awesome idea of a water table! Can you believe I have been a mother for sixteen years and have never had one? Patty shared how much her little one enjoyed hers, so I immediately asked Steve to pick one up at Walmart. Best. Summer. Purchase. Ever. Thanks Patty!

Our little sparkler all ready for Mass last Saturday.

Caught this beauty on our way home from our anniversary dinner...

I did get my cherry lime sparkler last week. Good thing we live forty five minutes from the nearest Taco Bell...This could become a problem.

iPhone shot of my baby...who is looking a little older each day. Sigh...
Happy Weekend, dear friends!


  1. Happy 4th of July! Love your new stars and stripes background. Love your weekend plans. I think I might be almost as excited as you about your new desks that are arriving next week. I love a new plan and a new start. I would have a hard time thoroughly enjoying lazy July days with all the new changes coming up in August, too. Hope you have a great weekend! <3

  2. I'm right there with you about July!!! Summer goes waaaaaay too fast!!!

    Enjoy your long holiday weekend!!!

  3. Happy Independence Day! That drink from Taco Bell looks delicious. And I adore Flynn's bathing suit. How sweet she is.
    We usually go to the noon mass, not because it takes us a long time to get ready, but because we spend all morning being lazy watching....wait for it... Fox and Friends:) Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy 4Th of July!
    I love the Cherry Lime Sparklers from Taco Bell.
    Taylor Swift concert!! Wait until Isabella and Nicolas hear about that!
    We are on our third water table here. Those are the best...the big kids still love playing with them.

  5. Little britches is a darling in her Fourth of July tutu skirt and top :) Glad you love the table! I had never purchased one either until this baby came along. Hope you have a wonderful July 4th!

  6. Happy Weekend dear bloggy friend..who lives too far away..anyhoo..I would love a water table for my 3yr old and I need to get down to WalMart and get me one! Same here...mother forever and never had one and now need it.

    Taylor Swift..so cool!

  7. Happy 4th! Good luck with the water cleanup... I always dread things like that! I love the ruffled swimsuit! Precious!

  8. My kids play with the hose all the time, they make this resort with an old digger sandbox toy thingy--we got it from someone--but now seeing your water table--I want one too!! I saw on a friends blog this morning, that she took out a large popcorn bowl and some kitchen utinsils and the kiddos had a ball!! Might have to do that too!

    That swimsuit is adorable on Flynn!!!

    I love summer.

  9. we LOVE our water table!! Aubrey got one for her birthday and we had one with the older girls too. perfect summer fun!
    and that swimsuit!! please oh please where did you get that??:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  10. Oh the chalk and water table! Just like in my post yesterday! Well not the water table which I forgot and will add next time, but the chalk is the best! I don't know how I got so lucky w my 1.5 year old who can color/draw for hours on end!!!
    Flynn is the cutest in her outfit for the 4th!


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