Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Peek Inside...Or At...My Front Porch

So summer is here and I thought I would share with you the place where we spend much of our time during these long, lazy days. We use our front porch in the morning, afternoon, and night. Remember how I told you I like to use Americana decor inside because it works for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and even through Labor Day? Well, I do the same on my porch as well. Soooo here is a peek my front porch.

Front view...
and my favorite summer wreath.
Perfect spot for my afternoon coffee...
Peyton's favorite spot...
is right across from mine!
Steve loves the rockers. We have had these since we first were married. They were white, and got kinda yucky, so what better way to hide that than to paint them black!
Flynn's little rocker. This actually was MY grandfather's when he was little. I have a picture of my mom in it when she was about Flynn's age.
Here is the view from my porch swing. I like to sit here and say my rosary sometimes.
With this beautiful helper nearby.
And there is the peek at my front porch.
Happy Summer, my friends!


  1. Oh, I love this post! What a lovely front porch and a stunningly beautiful view. I think I would spend as much time as possible out there, too. Love the rocking chairs and your grandfather's little wicker rocker. Beautiful! :)

  2. Such a beautiful home! Can I come visit just to sit on that lovely porch?

  3. Sigh....I wish I lived down the road from you!! I LOVE your wrap-around front porch that screams coziness...why don't y'all sit for a time...etc. I love it! I had a small wrap around on my house up in Illinois with the same porch swing. I miss it terribly. I grew up with a big, front porch. It was the gathering place all summer long. And Our Lady looks perfect there!

  4. Oh my, I just love this! I dream of having a home out in the country with a big front porch with rocking chairs. It looks so relaxing and cozy!

  5. What a welcoming spot. I want to sit there with you some day and say the rosary together!

  6. I love your porch. How relaxing it much be to sit out there and look out at the beautiful view. Is that a red barn I see? Love it!

  7. How inviting and sweet. I'm a huge fan of porches and when we built our house, Reed and I knew we both had to have one. Ours isn't nearly as orderly and cute as yours, as it holds numerous ride-on toys for the little girls and several sitting options (none of which match or have cute pillows like yours) for us all. It is a great place to beat the summer heat and enjoy the view to the front yard. IF we can avoid all the mosquitos ;)

  8. I wish I had a front porch! Yours is so cute!!!

  9. Love, love, love! But of course, b/c it looks like mine!!!! I so wish we would have railed our porch. We still can...but it will cost. I also wish I would have done shutters (again, I could add them), but I was also going for that "simple" farmhouse look and so we didn't. I think the house looks beautiful w/o them, but the shutters might add a pop of color! Also, I am totally contemplating painting my rocker black!!! It has gotten so gross over the years...even with power washing it. That or I need to repaint it white. last thing, we have the exact same front porch lights! LOVE YOU! Hugs!

  10. Beautiful Billie Jo! Our New house will have one, but we'll keep it enclosed so we don't get a ton of mosquitos in it and will be able to use it more. I love the open porches, though.

    We have a small one at our house now and use it quite a bit... but the view does not compare to yours at all!

  11. Billie Jo... I got chills!!!! I love love love love love love love your front porch! How did I know that you MUST have one! You are a porch girl for sure! It's darling and I'm so jealous. I dream of having a porch on the front of our house but it's just not the kind of house we have. :( One of these days when I make lots of money (ha ha) I'll have a sweet little screened in porch added to the back of our house. I dream of it at night... really, I do! I love yours like crazy! Can I come over and sit for a while? :)

  12. Your love for family is evident...especially memories made on the porch. Your porch is so nice and clean! And the country! You are blessed!

  13. My porch is my very favorite thing about this house we live in! I love yours too, it's so wide and clean!! I love the swings!! My husband asked why I like the porch so much, I said because I can't help but think of God when I sit there, I just want to soak up as much warmth as I can, so as soon as it's nice enough to sit there, here in MN, I love to sit there morning, for phone calls, after read with the visit with friends when they come over for ice tea! I love your country views too...our view is of a neighborhood. I told my husband I want a porch on the back of the house if we ever remodel or add on, so I'd have country to look at!

    Thanks for the tour!

  14. Such a cozy porch... I am not surprised at all! You are so gifted at making a house feel like home! Wish you could help me with our back porch area!

  15. I cannot get over the loveliness of it all! And of course anything patriotic tugs at my heart. Makes me want to visit one day and have a cup of tea for sure :)

  16. what a beautiful and inviting space!!:) oh how I wish we could get a swing on to ours somehow!:)
    and that view is breathtaking!!
    have a happy day billie jo


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