June 13, 2013

Weekend Plans...Father's Day 2013

Father's Day Weekend already...my own father used to tell me when I was young that the older you get, the faster it goes. I think I understand now exactly what he meant...Friday evening we will be returning from a three day getaway with the kids. More on that soon!

Saturday morning will find me happily sorting and washing laundry from the trip, because sadly that does indeed make me happy. As much as I enjoy going, I enjoy being back home even more. Saturday afternoon my sisters and I are taking our father out to an early dinner for Father's Day. He has recently returned to the nursing home for an undetermined amount of time, and we thought it would be nice to surprise him and break him out for a bit! After dinner, we are planning on attending late Mass before heading home for the night.

Sunday is Father's Day! I plan on having Steve sleep late and have the kids help me prepare a favorite breakfast of his...Blueberry pancakes with sausage and fruit. Then we travel to the final soccer game of the season. Hoping for a Father's Day win! Steve would like to cook on the grill for dinner, but I don't want him to do too much, so I am thinking a pork loin with baked potatoes and broccoli and cheese.

Well, that is what's up here this weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and restful, whatever your plans may be!

Happy Father's Day!

Warm summer weather means lighter dinners...this is one of our favorites...fish, white rice, and these green beans from my bloggy friend Tricia. They are delicious!

Summer also means there is always a big bowl of this in the refrigerator!

My oldest and my youngest! : )

Homemade cinnamon rolls made a perfect Saturday night snack.

My lilacs finally bloomed! The smell reminds me of my mom's so many years ago...

Happy Father's Day to the man who has held our children's hands for all these years. I love you!


  1. Love seeing all of your photos! That dinner looks so good! Nothing like a good homecooked meal!
    I hope your dad is going to be okay.

  2. I love lilacs also and pick some every day for the table.

    The "girls" picture and daddy holding a little girls hand..my favs.

    happy happy weekend bloggy friend!!!

  3. I can not wait to hear about your getaway!! I always love coming home and getting the house back in order as well..

    Enjoy dinner with your dad on Saturday and Father's Day with Steve.

    Your cinnamon rolls look wonderful. I was just thinking about making some this weekend as well.

  4. Awww, sounds like a great weekend! I love that you are able to be so close to your folks...your dad is gonna love his little "break out!" I'm gonna have to check out the green bean recipe...they look delicious!


  5. Oooh, I can't wait to hear about your trip! I hope it was fun.

  6. I would love that recipe for the homemade cinnamon rolls and your flowers are beautiful!

  7. Cute photo of Madison and Flynn! Those homemade cinnamon rolls look AMAZING! Hope you enjoy your Father's Day plans! :)

  8. I got chills with that last picture. Happy Father's Day to your Steve! Funny I told Scott that he can sleep in late on Sunday which he so desperately needs! And same as Steve, he wants to cook on the grill too. He's requested burgers so I'll do the potatoes and the broccoli. I'll be thinking of you ya as I'm having the same kinda day. Enjoy your time with your Dad. Take a picture of that for sure! Love, tara

  9. I can't tell you how much I LOVE that you have homemade cinnamon rolls for a Saturday night snack! :)

  10. happy father's day steve!!:)
    I know you made his weekend special!
    and that last shot is awesome!!
    have a happy day billie jo


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