May 26, 2013

A Touch Of The Red, White, And Blue

Over the weekend we gathered up all things spring and packed them away. We got out our summer decoration box and added a touch of red, white, and blue to our home. The fun thing about these decorations is they work for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor we are good to go until it is time to pull out the pumpkins and leaves for fall. Here is a quick look at our red, white, and blue home...

The summer mantle

and the holiday tree...

a closer peek...

These little stars hang in the kitchen.

A little touch on top of the bookcase...

and a lone heart in the family room.

The sweet Little People set that plays the most patriotic tune...

and our God Bless America candle that burns every evening in our country home.

Happy Summer, friends!


  1. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Billie Jo! Love your seasonal decorations for summer. Do you leave the tree up all year? It's adorable!

    Getting ready for a garage sale next weekend so my home looks like an episode of hoarders! Ugh! :)

  2. Such great decor! I LOVE these posts to get a peek at your warm home!

  3. So pretty and cozy! Hope you all have a great day today!

  4. I love that Little People set!!! Cute!

    I love your themes for each holiday and season! My mother in law does the same thing, she has a ton of boxes for each season/holiday. It's so fun to go to her house and just walk around and look. As she's gotten older, it has been harder and harder for her to keep up. I think you house would be so fun to see, thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. I love you summer decorations. I love decorating for summer and fall. I put out our flags today and I thought next weekend I would start pulling out the summer stuff. I love your country primitive sign.
    It is so hard to believe it is the end of May! I wish we had better weather this weekend...rain and cooler here.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Everything looks wonderful. The tree is my favorite. Have a great week, Billie Jo.

  7. Yeah for summer! When I lived in Illinois (and had a basement for LOTS of storage), I decorated every seasson/holiday like you did. Your house always looks so homey and inviting. I lOVE those kinds of homes. You know, the kind where you can walk in the back door, sit down, and enjoy some good coffee over a chat. :)

  8. looks so happy and fun!
    and how time you do a post like this it will be fall!!!:) haha
    haven't smelled those candles? cinnamony-ish??
    have a happy day billie jo


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