April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter this year....and here are way too many pictures to prove it!

We colored eggs on Thursday evening...
with my sweet sister Margie.
She and her husband love my children as if they were their own.
Saturday morning we decorated our Easter table...
and snapped a few pictures before our company arrived.
Me and my girls! : )
All ready for dinner...and yep...I use foil pans for easy clean up!
This beautiful lamb was a gift from my neighbor. It was made of butter!
Peyton's cherry dessert was delish!
Flynn and my sweet mother..."Grammy Patches" : )
My daddy and 2 of his 5 girls
Flynn loves her Aunt Margie!
New jammies for Saturday night...
baskets all ready for the Easter Bunny...
and carrots and eggs and juice for him too!
Quick breakfast before early Mass...thanks to my friends at Pillsbury!
Easter morning before Mass...
Easter 2013
After Mass we hunted for baskets and loved what that Easter Bunny left us! Madison was thrilled with her new wristlet!
Peyton loves Dallas!!! And yep...we changed BACK into our jammies after Mass, cause that is how we do things here! : )
My movie guy loved his Xbox live!
And Flynn loved her Lego duplo Cinderella castle which Rhett helped her put together as soon as this picture was taken!
Happy Easter!!!



  1. Easter greetings, Billie Jo! First of all....I must tell Peyton that we do not live far from Southfork Ranch!! Honest. I've taken the visitors there before on a tour LOL! They have a fantastic gift shop to boot! The swimming pool? well, it's actually really tiny. They hook the actors up to reels and reel them in as they "swim" to give the effect that they are swimming really far. LOL So nice to meet your sister, mother, and father! And how great that you were all together for Easter. Everything looked yummy and if I was baking for a crowd like that, I'd be using tin as well. :)

  2. Aww I just love your family, even though I've never met you I feel like I know you! I can't get enough of Flynn's bows! As always, I love all your decorations and everything you did to make the day special for all your kids! I'm glad you had such a great Easter!:)

  3. I love all of the pictures of your sweet family. Juliana was walking by as I looked at the pictures and she stoped and said there is my friend Flynn. :)
    Love the butter lamb!
    We went to my moms for brunch and when we came home the kids put their pjs back on until we had to go to Ray's parents house. We would all get along so well!

  4. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Happy Easter! Love your pictures, as always!

  5. Not too many pictures at all. I loved every one of them. So nice to see you too in some with your sweet family. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

  6. What a wonderful Easter, Billie Jo. Great family photos and your Easter table was so fun and springy. The dessert plate with all the cupcakes--to.die.for.
    Easter season blessings to your family!

  7. Cute kiddos!! Love your table, so pretty for Easter!!

    Happy Easter!

    You have a beautiful family!

  8. Looks like so much fun! I love how you do Holidays big!! You have such a beautiful family!

  9. I like seeing you in so many pictures!

    I should take more of me...but I am the one behind the camera usually.

    You are so blessed to have a wonderful sister.

  10. Billie Jo,
    I am so glad you all had a happy Easter! We did too! We had a great time with my sister and her three boys!
    Hope you week is going well!

  11. What a beautiful Easter you celebrated! I loved "meeting" your mom and dad...what a beautiful testament to family. Changing back into pajamas...must.do.that.next.year!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. what a wonderful day billie jo!!:)
    looking so warm and festive and inviting as usual!:)
    oh how i wish i could get dave to use throw away foil pans...but then i guess i'd be pretty useless in the kitchen then huh??!!:)
    aubrey would love to play castle with flynn!:)
    have a happy day

  13. What a wonderful Easter spread! We have several Xbox nuts too. Love all the Cinderella dolls. We have a few of them as well. Is that the musical Cinderella in the front. I think the dress lights up. You have a beautiful family!


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