February 10, 2013

A Touch Of Valentines Day

We decorated our house for Valentine's Day and are loving all the red and pink and hearts around. Here are some pictures of the Love Day touches in our home.

This cute wall hanging greets visitors to our home.

The Christmas Kisses are gone...replaced by Valentine ones, of course!

Our sweet snack plates...sorry about that flash!

My folder basket on my desk...

Our Valentine's Day mantle...

with the book basket below.

The snowmen on the little hearth room tree are replaced with hearts...

and a Little People play set to make every holiday complete!

And that is our Valentines Day home! Hope your Valentine's Day is sweet as can be!


  1. So, so sweet! Those ornaments....great idea!

  2. Yet another very cute and comfy holiday at your house. I always love your mantle and what you add to it. Sweet!

  3. Everything looks so nice. Just noticed your blog background too. So cute. Have a great week Billie Jo.

  4. Everything looks wonderful! Hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Love your Valentine's Day decorations! Your mantle always looks pretty decorated for the holidays.
    Have a great Monday!

  6. cute, cute, cute! I never noticed the date in stone above the fireplace before...or did I?!!! Anyway, what a great idea! Love it! And that little people set...precious. I've not seen that one!

  7. Oh my...love the Little People set for Valentine's Day!!!

  8. so sweet billie jo!:) i swear love day ranks right up there with Christmas around here!! i think it's all the girls in the house!!:)
    love seeing glimpses of your warm country love filled home.
    have a happy day

    little people...swoon!!!!!!!:)))))

  9. So great! Your house must be the cutest!

  10. Oh my goodness this is all so lovely...some day I hope to be this on top of things...for now its all I can do to keep everyone fed and dressed!!! (We are in that awesome "hey look mom I know how to take my clothes off!!!" Stage right now :)

  11. I loved seeing your Valentine house. Cozy, festive, and fun... as usual! I love that you keep that tree up all year and change out the ornaments... it's darling. I recognized a bunch of those books in your book basket. Must be school orders from scholastic... love them!


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