January 13, 2013

Our Winter Home

Christmas is over and is packed away for another year. Although that makes me sad, I am ready for a fresh start. A less cluttered home that we will snuggle into for the long winter ahead. Once we pack the Christmas decorations away, I give the house a good cleaning and set about making it cozy for the coming winter months. I keep the snowman theme up and add a few new touches and it's done! A less cluttered, cozy space for us to spend our time together and enjoy during the cold days ahead. Here are a few pictures of our cozy winter home.

The table in the mudroom...

our kitchen table...

with a snowflake reminder

and matching candy dish... a present from Ryan this year.

The sideboard...

with its own winter fun...

and a cute little sign that hangs above my desk.

The rocker in the hearth room has a sweet little pillow...

and the winter mantle is bare, just like the winter trees outside.

I love the clean, empty look after all the Christmas fun is removed.

The Christmas movies are replaced with warm throws to snuggle up with...

and our holiday scented candle is gone. In its place...a simple Home Sweet Home candle that burns every evening in our winter home.


  1. You have a beautiful home. I wish I could leave my table decorated, but my kids are always pulling everything off and running away with it.

  2. Everything looks so pretty. I love the picture on your mantle and the "be cheerful, pass it on" sign...those were my favorites. Have a happy week Billie Jo.

  3. As always, I love your decorations. I have never thought about decorating for winter. I just (almost) finished taking down our Christmas decorations and it makes me sad :/

  4. Oh my gosh, your house is always so warm and inviting for the season. I love when you post pictures because your decorating is so well done. It makes me ponder the top of my entertainment center that could use something wintery and cheery. I like the framed picture on your mantle. Now that would be cute on my entertainment center. As always, you keep me thinking on decor and warm, homey-ness.

  5. You have such a beautiful home Billie Jo. It always is so warm and inviting. I too love the simple bare look for a while after Christmas. I always feel like pouring myself a cup of coffee and spending time with my family after reading your posts. I love spending time home with my family as much as you do.

  6. Hi there Billie Jo... I got so excited when I saw the title to your post... I love to be 'in your house'! Thanks for inviting us. It's perfect! Just what January calls for, cozy and comfortable! Oh the socks... delightful! I've got to do that!!! I love your home!!!

  7. I love your winter home. It makes me want to decorate!

  8. "Cozy" is the perfect word - I want to invite myself over for coffee!!!


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