December 2, 2012

Deck The Halls!

Well, it is finally here...Christmas...the best time of the year! We decorated our home for Christmas on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I could barely wait until the turkey was cooled to pack up my autumn and Thanksgiving decorations so the holiday decorating could begin! When all the autumn decorations were packed away, we gave the house a good dusting and got to work. Here are some pictures of our cozy country home all ready for the holiday season!

This is the table in our mudroom. The bowls are for keys and the basket is for Kirby's leash.

This is our kitchen table all decked out with the dish of red and green Hershey kisses!

The sideboard has the replica Santa cookie jar just like the one my mom had.

Here is our Kitchen Christmas tree. I actually keep this up all year.

I love this new little sign I got off of Etsy. And sadly, it is true!

Another favorite...and also true!

The open cupboard in the kitchen holds some special teacups that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Our sweet little snack plates...

and our everyday holiday dishes. These were a gift from my grandmother many years ago.

 Some special mugs perfect for afternoon hot cocoa!

And just because I was standing kitchen sink!

This is the hearth room...a favorite spot this time of year.

Our Christmas mantle

This is the sweet little tree in the hearth room. I keep it up all year as well. Now it is decorated with snowmen.

This is a wall near the kitchen and family room...

This is our main Christmas tree. It is in the family room.

Underneath...the beautiful manger scene Steve's parents got us for a wedding present.

Also in the family room...our bucket of Christmas DVDs and videos.

Here is Steve's tree. It is in his den. I actually just got this for him last Christmas.

Here is our dining room table.

And our last tree...the tree for the kids. This tree is in the basement and is the one the littles put their ornaments on. This is also where Santa leaves the presents!

And tucked underneath...the Little People nativity. So sweet!

Last but not least...our Home for the Holidays candle which burns every evening in our Holiday home.

Happy Christmas Season!


  1. Beautiful! I LOVE how you have so many Christmas trees! I really want to do that one day when we have a house. I also really like your dining room centerpiece!

  2. Everything looks beautiful. Your home is so cozy. I love how even a basket of books or DVD's can be a decoration. I've wanted to get a second tree for a long time now. Maybe this will be the year. You've inspired me!

  3. I love how excited you get for holidays! Your decorations are like my Christmas dream land:) I also love that you have so many trees! I just love everything about Christmas! You are getting me excited to do my decorating once I move.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! What a cozy and festive home. I love all of the cute decor, especially all of the signs and wordy ideas all over. Totally right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  5. I love all of your beautiful Christmas decorations! I love all of your trees and how you keep some up all year round..what a fun idea. I also love all of your your signs..the candy cane cafe if my favorite!
    Have a wonderful Monday~

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Your decorations are wonderful!! I love that you have the2 trees up all year-- I am assuming you decorate them for each season? If so, that is too fun!!
    I think I am going to take the boys to 1/2 price books and see if we can start our own little Christmas basket of books! Love that!

  7. Wow! Deck the halls you sure did! I have got to get around to taking some pictures here! Love yours and thanks for inviting us into your house. It's wonderful, cozy, and a happy place to spend Christmas. I love all of your themed trees! I think I might just need a few more after seeing all of yours. Delightful!

  8. wow!! you have some trees girl!:) i was just telling dave last night...i really want one more in the living room!!:) love it all billie jo. it all looks so warm and cozy and inviting...just like i imagine your home to be!:)
    thanks for sharing.
    have a happy day


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