Summers End

It seems wrong to title a post about the end of summer on August 3, but we start school on the 22nd, soooooo there is much to be done!  My back to school list for the 3 that will to return to school (in 3 different buildings no less) is getting rather long.  I still need to schedule hair cuts, schedule a day for necessary shoe shopping, get out uniforms and check about alterations, and organize backpacks with all the needed supplies we bought way back in early July when we thought we had so much time left.

I love summer. I really do. I love the long, quiet days spent playing outside before it gets too hot, snuggling inside watching movies with the kids during the afternoon, and sitting on the porch at night, relishing the fact that no homework needs checked and really no baths and showers need taken. I love having all 4 of my littles home, although at 15, 12, 10, and 2 they are not all that little any more! But truth be told, I am ready for fall.  I am ready for a schedule. I am ready for some sense of order to replace the chaos that summer brings. 

My little Flynn at our Family Fun Day last fall!

So I say, as I check off those pesky items on my back to school checklist that will soon take 3 of my 4 away from me and  back to their friends, and soccer games and cheerleading practice, bring it on!  Bring on the pumpkins, and the cool autumn air and apple spice candles. Bring on fall!

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  1. Love the look of your blog! Keep posting, momma! :)


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