Pumpkin Coffee Cake

If you are like me and have a soft spot for all things pumpkin, you will love this coffee cake. It is like combining two of my favorite things...good streusel coffee cake and pumpkin. It is perfect with a cup of tea or coffee on a cool, crisp autumn day. I originally found this on a website called nancysrecipes several years ago. Enjoy!

                      Ribbon of Pumpkin Coffee Cake

                           1(16 oz.) can pumpkin
                           1 egg
                           1/3 cup sugar
                           1 tsp. cinnamon
                           1/2 tsp ginger
                           1/2 tsp nutmeg
                           1/4 tsp allspice
                           1/4 tsp cloves
                           Streusel Topping                  
                            1 cup packed brown
                            2 tbsps flour
                            2 tsps cinnamon
                            1/3 cup butter diced
                            1/2 cup butter soft
                            3/4 cup sugar
                            1 tsp vanilla
                            3 eggs
                            2 cups flour
                            1 tsp baking powder
                            1 tsp baking soda
                            1 cup sour cream

Directions:          Combine all filling
                            and set aside.
                            Combine all streusel
                            topping ingredients,
                            except butter and mix
                            well. Then cut butter
                            into mixture until crumbly.
                            Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla.
                            Add eggs, one at a time,
                            and beat well. In separate
                            bowl, sift flour,
                            baking powder and baking
                            soda. Add flour mixture to
                            butter mixture alternately
                            with sour cream. Mix well.
                            Pour half cake batter into
                            greased  13x9 pan. Sprinkle
                            with half the streusel.
                            Spread all filling mixture
                            over streusel.
                            Top with remaining cake batter.
                            Sprinkle rest of streusel on top.
                            Bake at 325 degrees for 50


  1. oh billie jo!!!!
    i simply adore streusley coffee cakes and adding pumpkin put me right over the edge!:)
    we have a cool weekend coming up so this sounds perfect. printing it right now!
    thanks so much for posting this.
    have a happy day

  2. Now that looks yummy! I'll need to add this one to my fall pumpkin recipes. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Thank you for posting this recipe! When I go grocery shopping tomorrow I will be picking up everything to make this.
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Oh my... I have no coffee cake recipies in my fall baking favorites list... I'm making this one on Friday for sure!! It looks sooooo good! Thanks for sharing ~tara


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